How Can I Support

Water being the primary element of existence has now become an endangered zone. Water is being polluted, wasted and misused at a vaster extent. We know all that but we do not care.

Following are the few ways in which you can support Neeranjali for the global cause:

1. Drinking Water Units: There are areas in India where drinking water is a scarce resource. Neeranjali has been working on installation of Drinking Water Units (Pyau) in various parts of India. People have been a part of this movement by donating money for installation of such units.

You may want to install a unit in memory of your family members or may be just to help our fellow beings by providing them at clean water for drinking.

2. Donations: The popular and easy way is to donate to the Organization towards the cause of your preference. As Neeranjali is a registered NGO, your donation is exempted from tax.

3. Becoming a Member: You may register yourself as a volunteer of Organization. Depending upon your sincerity, work & commitment, you can be designated accordingly.

Fill up this form and register yourself.

4. Any other way/s you wish to: There can be many more ways you may think you can support the cause of environment conservation. Please get in touch with us; we shall consider your idea and work upon it.

Please contact us at for any queries on any of the ways you want to support.