Water tank donation for ‘Mera sahara’ school for underprivileged

Neeranjali, along with Vectus Industries Limited, donated a water storage tank to Mera Sahara, a school for underprivileged. The tank was specifically needed for drinking water as there is a scarcity of clean drinking water in such schools. We hope the tank serves its purpose.

Following is the acknowledgement received from the Assistant Director of Project Mera Sahara.

Dear Ms. Sarika Baheti,

Thank you very much for the much needed water tank specifically provided for drinking water for the underprivileged children of Mera Sahara, Nithari, NOIDA.

We appreciate the thought behind this help.
Hope to have a long association in future too.

With warm wishes,

Padmini Kumar
Asst. director
Joint Women’s Programme
Project Mera Sahara
Nithari, NOIDA, UP

Some pictures of the event.

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