Water: The Most Precious Resource

Water is regarded as the most precious resource on earth which is gradually on the verge of becoming scarce. It would be impossible to survive without it as it basically means life for all of us. So without wasting much time we need to wake up and try our level best to conserve this valuable resource and at the same time prevent its wastage. It does not mean we need to toil harder to save it but it implies taking a small number of measures every day that can turn out to be a good solution for the serious problem.

In the past few months I have personally taken a few steps towards saving water at my household. I am a college student and I study environmental science. I took a great interest in taking the measures to bring about a little difference in our lives in the future. While brushing my teeth I ensure that the tap is closed while I am not using the water. It saves considerable amount of water which could have gone into waste. I have also started taking baths using water in buckets instead of using the shower that leads to wastage of water.

To add to it, I have also requested all the other members of my family to be a little bit more careful when they are using water. My little sister has also become alert and remembers to close the water tap after using it every time. My father has also started taking shorter showers and has cut down on the amount of water he used to waste earlier when he took several showers in a hot day. So it is only about changing a few of our old habits to bring about our own good which will pave the way for a great future.


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