Doing is Motivating

Water is one of the basic necessities of life, without which living beings cannot survive. Living beings include plants, humans, animals and birds i.e. anything and everything that breathes. Since many years, we have been witnessing the warning alarm of nature in the form of water scarcity, frequent load shedding, lack of fresh and nutrient filed crop harvesting, our destruction to nature back fire our existence in the form of earthquake, cyclone, tornado etc. Nature is very kind and has always been the source of delivering well to human kind but we have misutilized the resources without even bothering about its disastrous consequences. Being an educated and cultured society being, it becomes our responsibility to do our bit and also promote others for rendering their bit of responsibility.

In most of the cities, people suffer due to scarcity of water or unscheduled supply of water. I have suffered the same situation and gave a thought about the reason behind it. Then I came to the conclusion that the waste we do in our life, returns to us in an equivalent amount of sufferings. This means that we waste water as if every individual has been blessed with never ending source of water and when scarcity surrounds us, we tend to blame system of the society. I have figured out some simple ways which can be followed easily and ample result is gained.

  • Use utensils filled with water for washing vegetables or fruits rather than letting water flow from running tap.
  • Don’t waste water behind defrosting frozen food under running tap. Use microwave oven for the purpose or keep it at room temperature for few hours and it will get ready for your use.
  • Make minimum use of detergent while washing clothes and utensils so that less amount of water shall be required to rinse them off. It saves lot of water in gallons.
  • If you want to wash your car then bring the car in your garden area so that rinse water can help your grass to feed.

These are few tips which I have found useful and effective in saving huge amount of water on daily basis.


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