Take strong steps to conserve water

It is evident that it is high time we take strong measures and help others in raising their consciousness about the gravity of the situation that may arise in future when water may turn into a scarce resource. Till date water is abundant in few places while it is scarce in many other places on earth. We need to ensure that it is properly used and prevent the unnecessary wastage which would harm us in the future. It is very easy to be a little more alert while using water and cut down its usage by resorting to simple methods which would benefit us altogether.

I have taken a few strong steps towards saving water, which I think would not be a cause of concern in our locality. I am the councilor of the local municipal corporation and I have requested the members of every household in our area to use water in a way that it is not wasted and to bring the matter to everyone’s attention I have restricted the use of water by limiting the external use of water. I have asked everyone to limit the use of water by not washing their cars and watering their lawns every day.

I have initiated and strongly suggested to everyone that they can install low water use appliances at their homes to keep a check on the extra use of water that can be conserved for the days when water shortage can lead to a cause of serious concern. Though some resented at first but most of the common people realized that taking such a few measures would only help them in future. It is a serious issue that we need to address all by ourselves and at the same time urge others to be sensitive about it and use water in a way that it is not wasted.



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  1. avdhesh sharma October 16, 2013 Reply

    Keep the good work on !!
    good luck !

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