Water conservation is individual responsibility

It has become very important to conserve water at individual level. As we have learnt that charity begins at home, similarly, contribution towards society’s welfare needs to get started from one’s home. From personal experience, I have learnt that saving water is not as difficult as it seems. You just need to be cautious in your regular day to day activities wherein usage of water is involved. This means use water when it is required otherwise turn it off. I have realized certain easiest ways to conserve water which can be implemented on daily basis –

·        Turn the water tap off while brushing, open only when cleaning of mouth is required.

·        Solution of water with phenol or soap which is used for cleaning the floor of the house, instead of pouring the dirty water into drain and wasting it. Use that bucket of water for cleaning your toilet so that clean and fresh water does not get waste in its cleaning.

·        The water which you use for washing clothes and the remains of the dirty water is wasted without making optimum utility out the same. I personally, used that detergent solution for cleaning the backyard of my house and drainage attached to my house.

·        We generally feel fresh after having shower but in between tonnes of water get wasted when multiplied to month or a year of shower. You must use one or maximum two buckets of water for taking bath so that unnecessary flow of water from shower can be controlled.

·        Gardening brings out freshness in you and your surroundings. This is the reason why most of the people enjoy gardening practice in front of their house. Regular watering is a must and for which we often use pipe where from smooth flow of water is coming out for gardening purpose. Meanwhile, lots of water gets wasted rather than being used for nurturing plants and trees. So use watering bucket or sprinklers so that water flows only when inclined on the plants as required.

These are some ways which are easy to implement in our daily life and at the same time saves water for our next generation to make optimum utilization.


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