Conserving Water is Mandatory

In today’s world, water conservation is not an option, it is rather mandatory. It is very important to concentrate on this issue if we want to sustain as a civilization. This may sound dramatic but it is not being exaggerated. This is because most of the parts of the world is going through extreme water shortage. The ever increasing population has resulted in availability of only 1% of drinking water. Thus, it is very important to find out innovative ways of water conservation. It is only now if we start working on the issue, we would be able to offer a brighter and greener future to the kids. Otherwise, it would be too late to rectify the damage already done.

The best thing that one can start with is to save water in his own house. I am saying this because I have been practicing this for quite sometime now and I am happy to say that I am quite successful in this endeavor. Previously, I needed huge quantity of water to carry on with all kinds of household activities. Though I felt guilty about the fact but could not do anything about it due to my obsession of using more water than required.

Then on one fine morning, I said to myself that it is high time I must rectify myself and stop doing something condemnable as this. I started with turning off the tap while brushing. Taking short showers and that too with pressure at low force is what I started maintaining. I also store the water after washing clothes to water my plants. Even cars should be washed with such used water. After taking bath in the bathtub, do not drain the water. Keep it for washing cars and water plants. I feel quite fascinated to be able to save water in such easy ways and thus I suggest the same to anybody I come across.


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