Stream Revival Project by Neeranjali

Farming is the biggest business in India and yet the primary people involved in this biggest business are today suffering a lot. We all know about Farmers committing suicide because they are not able to produce enough crop to meet their needs and to pay off the loans. One of the primary reasons for not an appropriate crop is water scarcity. Many of the river streams flowing are drying up because of one or the other reason causing farmers to be in distress.

In our visits to villages of Aurangapur and Brahamanvad in Maharashtra we noted the streams in the river basin have dried up over a period of time leaving the farmers distressed financially & mentally thus leading to many suicide cases that we get to know of through newspapers. The chief reason behind the drying up of the streams is the deposition of silt from the adjoining land.

A plant named Ipomoea, locally referred to as ‘besharam’, grows rapidly on the dry streams sucking more water and making it more difficult to de-silt the stream passage for easy flow of water. In our efforts to know about the work done in this area we got to know that there is nothing significant that has been done by the government to ease their situation of water, electricity and basic infrastructure & facilities in these areas.

Neeranjali working in the area has formulated a project for the revivals of the river streams so as to ease the pains of farmers distress. The river streams filling up again would help farmers enabling them get better crops.

The Project has following highlights:

  1.  De-silting the stream.
  2.  Providing the fertile silt to the farmers for better crop production.
  3. Cement plugging on stream to maintain water flow.
  4. Creation of pools & wells at suitable places.
  5. Bunding at agricultural fields to stop the silt entry into the stream and thus enhancing crop production.
  6. Plantation along the stream.

There are many more activities which will be going along with the project and we will be needing continuous support from the people who wish to make a difference and help fellow countrymen.

If you want to volunteer for the project fill up the volunteer form here and we will connect with you. If you wish to help the project financially you may just email us at

It is our duty to help our fellow brothers and sisters in any way we can. Let’s step forward and show them the hope, make them feel that they are not alone.

You can view some pictures of the project here.

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