Neeranjali wishes you a Happy and Fun Filled Holi


Neeranjali wishes you a very happy and fun filled Holi. It is the most awaited festival of India. This festival is not restricted to any particular state or community of the country. It is celebrated nationwide. As already known to you Holi is the festival of colors. The best thing about this festival is that it encourages brotherhood and it is said that on this day even enemies turn friends.

People get ultimate happiness celebrating this festival. However, Holi has also been known with water wastage, which should be changed. In other words, we must try play Holi with dry colors and should not waste much water. Every year on Holi water is wasted in alarming rate all over the country.  Holi accounts among the days when maximum amount of water is used as per the country’s water usage monitoring system.

Yummy Gujias, meeting relatives, dancing and enjoying with colors in the air, there is so much more to Holi than playing holi with too much of water. Let’s promise ourselves this year that we would avoid water wastage and share the same wisdom with our children too since they are the one who are going to change things going forward.

Another important thing is to use herbal or organic colors to play with. This is because you would never want to irritate your skin with chemicals. It is easy to wash off herbal colors, which means more water saving. It would be great if you could manage to play taking up a small amount of place, try restrict the festivity to your garden space only since it will take lesser effort and water to clean the space later.

All things said and done, nothing of above mentioned will ever reduce your joy of playing Holi and instead increase the happiness as you know you have been a responsible citizen of Nature.

Let’s play a safer, colorful and a responsible Holi !


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