Aim. Focus. Click! Winners Are Here

We know you all have been waiting for the results since long. Jury has come to a conclusion and we have shortlisted 3 winning entries.

Believe us out of all the breath taking pictures we had we had to choose only 3 and it was really tough. But the decision was to be made. The theme on which the photography was to be done was not something very easy. It is very difficult to show the importance of water and even more the importance to conserve it. We really appreciate the hard work and effort that was put in by the contestants.

So, lets not talk much and declare the winners.

Hold your breath and here are the winners.

Third prize worth ₹ 2000-/ goes to

For the breath taking shot

A throw of a stone, instant rise of water, the sun fading alone, but the colors scatter....


Congratulations, Rohit! You will receive your prize soon.

And hold your breath for rest of the winners!


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  1. Rohit Lahoti March 23, 2013 Reply

    Thanks a lot and congrats to other winners !

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