Wasting water can be a curse

Wasting water can be a curse for survival of life. There are various ways of conserving water which starts from rescheduling usage capacity ranging from brushing teeth to gardening. This means while brushing teeth, we must not keep the water tap open and let the flowing continue till our brushing gets over. By making effective use of water availability hundreds of gallons can be saved from being wasted that too per year. So think the quantum of savings could be made, if every individual would step ahead and perform their bit then we would be proud of being a part of nature supported nation. Nature has blessed our planet with water and human beings have utilized their intelligence in the invention of new techniques and equipments for effective use of the nature’s gift for self interests.

A few days ago, I was crossing a lane and unfortunately found an opened tap by the side of the road. There were many people passing by but hardly any of them was paying heed to the wastage of flowing water. I started wondering that until I have closed the running tap, it was how long have been flowed or why people have overlooked the same. On an approx. wastage would be not less than what an individual would take to use in his/her life time. It is high time that people need to realize that resources are limited; users are uncountable and so do their needs. In order to maintain a balance in between, we have to make an attempt wherein utility of every single drop of water shall count.

Fresh water is required to be used in cooking but cleaning of vegetables and fruits should be done in a container filled with water so that after cleaning, you may put it into use for cleaning front-yard or washroom. One bucket of water must be used for bathing and the water used for washing clothes can further be utilized in cleaning washroom, backyard etc. Thus we need to find ways of using water for multiple purposes. This way every creature on earth shall be able to rejoice their share of life.

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