Voluntary Water Conservation – Oxford

On 12th December 2012, the Oxford Board of Commissioners declared about the existence of voluntary water conservation conditions. In addition to it, the board has asked each customer of water system of the Oxford city to implement water conservation voluntarily. This appeal has been made in response to the request placed by Kerr Lake Regional Water Authority.

The term voluntary conservation means employing different measures to limit unnecessary use of water. Things that one needs to do contribute to water conservation are as follows:

  • Use dishwasher only when it is full
  • Use washing machine when full as well
  • Take shallower baths
  • Reduce your shower time
  • Install water saving equipments
  • Go for plumbing options that restrict flow of water.

You would get several other water saving tips when you log on to the Oxford city website www.oxfordnc.org.

The Kerr Lake Regional Water Authority can declare voluntary conservation of water when the water level of the lake comes to 294 feet or lower. The goal is to get 5% reduction in water usage from the current level.

As per statistics, Oxford city buys 1.2 million gallons of water approximately per day from the KLRWA or Kerr Lake Regional Water Authority. A household now uses 150 gallons per day or 4500 gallons of water in a month. In order to reach the goal, each household should reduce their water usage to 142.5 gallons per day.

When the water level of the lake will reach near 289 feet or below, the next step of Water Shortage Response Policy would be implemented or made applicable. At that time KLRWA would ask for mandatory water conservation and the goal would be set to reduce water usage in every household by 10% from the present levels.

For any further queries, one can get in touch with the city engineer, Larry Thomas, at 919-691-4221.


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