Conservation Garden Park of Utah

The Perfect Example of a Small Step for a Man, a Giant Leap for Mankind

Conservation Garden Park is located in West Jordan, Utah. It has been designed to show the world that it is possible to have beautiful, vibrant and colorful gardens even without wasting huge amount of water and using chemicals. This garden would feature drought-resistant specimens from different parts of the world as well as water-wise native plants. This garden with its well-designed garden spaces, display of beautiful plants and impressive interpretive signage wants to prove something to the world.

It would let people know about different kinds of landscaping that can be done. The garden would also conduct different educational programs like courses, lectures and tours to make people aware of the ways to create and maintain water-wise landscapes and making efficient use of water. Thereby, people would know how easy and rewarding it is to landscape and keep water-wise gardens in offices and residences. The main aim of the project is to test, display and interpret different water-wise landscaping principles that includes irrigation techniques, plant selection, landscape design and last but not the least maintenance.

Red Butte Garden will get $ 5 million in matching challenge grant money to make this Water Conservation Garden a reality. Thereafter, in order to get plants grown in the garden, it will need to collect another $ 1 million by end of 1st February 2013. There is of course an important reason behind the proposal of making such garden. It is important to note that though Utah receives the maximum snow on Earth but it receives only 13 inches of precipitation on an average every year. In addition of being the second driest state in the country, the per-capita consumption of water is higher than any other state.

This is because people use more water than they require on a regular basis. They mainly waste water in watering their landscapes. The population of Utah is ever growing and at this rate of demand it is becoming difficult to sustain water supply. The same limited resource is being demanded by industrial, residential and agricultural users and thus the competition for water is also quite high. The future of the state’s environment, health and economic expansion depends heavily on the way the state uses and conserves water.
Once the garden is completed, it would break the myth that water-wise garden can be done only in a xeriscope of cacti and rocks. The garden would have different areas to showcase how exotic and native plants with varying water and different soil needs can be grown in vibrant and layered landscapes without using excessive water.

Utah has taken its first step and hopefully it would achieve what it wants. It is high time for India as well as the rest of the world to do something about water conservation. The time is not far when it would be too late to do something about the problem. Water is life and by means of conserving water, we would be protecting our as well as the life of people of future generations.

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