No to Crackers, Yes to Life : Seeds of happiness sown reap happiness for a lifetime

So far we have known only one way to celebrate Diwali, which is to burn crackers. And we know by doing this we are greatly hampering environment and endangering lives. This is time; we should stand against this culture of burning crackers to celebrate Diwali and do something unusual that would really make a difference. It is true that burning crackers gives happiness to a child but it is not the only way to get pleasure. You may not believe but giving happiness is the best source of getting joy in return. Being grown and mature adults we should understand that those moments of impulsive pleasure are lost as soon as the cracker is burnt but the seeds of happiness you sow in someone else’s life will reap you a kind of happiness that will last forever. Now, the question arises, whom should you make happy? And how can you make them happy?

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The answer to the first question is- you have to make those happy who need it the most. To answer the second question, you need to ask yourself. There is no specific way to spread happiness. Do as much as you can for the needy and you are sure to make them happy.

While we celebrate Diwali by having different kinds of delicious foods, there are many people who cannot even afford to eat one simple square meal. Try to arrange for at least one meal for such people during this Diwali.

Shopping tops the chart for Diwali. Unless we buy at least five new outfits, we are not happy. Try to think of those who have to wear the same piece of clothing for years together. It is definitely possible to shop less for yourself and use the remaining money to buy clothes for the needy. You can also donate your old clothes to them.

We decorate our house on Diwali with different types of lightings and earthen lamps or diyas. But, do you know there are still people who have to spend their life in darkness. You can try to arrange for emergency lights and fans for at least some people living in such condition.

You do not have to do all these together. Just choose one of the ways to help others and you would feel the immense pleasure you are craving for. Add loads of blessings to your joy as well, which you are sure to get by doing such a noble deed.


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