No to Crackers, Yes to Life : Let’s shed some light on underprivileged

Diwali is the most awaited festival for all Hindus in India. People are seen involved in the preparation for the occasion, shopping, offering prayers to Goddess Lakshmi, socializing, having sumptuous meals and many other things during Diwali. They are also seen doing one more thing, which is to burn firecrackers. This is the most annoying thing that one can do to celebrate any festival. It is not anything less than a crime for several reasons. From this year, if everybody could make a resolution to celebrate this festival sans the firecrackers then there would be nothing like that. It is understood that it is a mode of enjoyment for both kids and adults.

However, it is not the only way to be happy. The real happiness comes from giving. Thus, make it a point to give what you have in excess to those who are yet to fulfill their basic needs. You would find various orphanages, old age homes, charitable organizations in your city. Make this day special for those who have been deprived of most of essential things in their life. You may not be aware of the fact that the firecrackers that you burn are made by children. The firecracker manufacturers use child labor and you are also involved in this heinous deed by using the same.

Children are the base of a foundation and the future of a country. However, these children work instead of going to school. You have been very harsh with these children till last year knowingly or unknowingly. When you know everything now, it becomes your moral as well as social responsibility to help these kids. It is true that you cannot help all children but you can sponsor the education of one child at least. Your responsibility does not end here.

Try to make more and more people aware of the ill effects of using firecrackers and the possible ways to repair the damage already done. If every family gets together to help even one child with his education, we would soon be able to see an educated and prosperous India with the highest literary rate in the world. Do something noble this Diwali and be proud of your deed.


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