No to Crackers, Yes to Life : Lets gift the world a greener future

It has become a tradition now to celebrate Diwali by burning and bursting firecrackers. However, this is not the way how Diwali should be celebrated. The festival of lights should limit to the use of lights only. This Diwali, make a pledge that you would ban the use of crackers. It is true that kids would be displeased with this sudden change but you are ultimately saving your children from the ill effect of crackers. If enjoyment is the only concern then you better know that there are various other ways to celebrate and enjoy Diwali.

You ought to do something that would make everybody proud of you and this is going to be the real happiness for you and everybody else. Have you ever considered planting saplings to celebrate Diwali? Probably never, since it is something that is the opposite of what you do during Diwali. While you are busy polluting your city, these trees feel responsible to clean the air as much as they can and help you eventually. Now, you must take the responsibility to help yourself and your community as a whole.

It does not take much to plant a small sapling but the benefit is enormous. Teach your children the importance of planting and help them to plant trees as well. You would be surprised to see the happiness in their face. It would surely be more that the joy they get by bursting firecrackers. Firecrackers may at times scare children but never could the act of planting trees. Thus, they feel the happiness from the core of their heart. When it is your ultimate goal to make the children happy and you are able to achieve it by doing something noble then there should not be any reason to opt for crackers.

Still, if you need more reason to stop using crackers, it is the fact that children like your kids are employed to manufacture them. This is probably something that you would never want your children to do in your wildest dream. Then, why are you giving a deaf ear to these children’s cry? Stop using crackers so that the manufacturing is stopped and ultimately child labor is eliminated.


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