No to Crackers, Yes to Life : Makeover for your sweet home

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The festival of light, Diwali, holds a special place in every Indian’s life. It is celebrated with pomp and glory every year. Burning crackers is a staple thing to do for everybody. However, it would be really nice if this festival can be celebrated in a different way from now on. There ought to be a change in the regular norm and that should be for the best. You can do lots of things this Diwali to make it a special one. For a change, giving a makeover to your house is really a great idea to start with.

Throughout the year you remain extremely busy with your work and other things, which do not allow you to do anything for your house. However, Diwali is the time when you remain a little free. Thus, you ought to do something constructive and giving a new look to your residence is a creative way to do so. You would be wrong if you think that it is going to be an expensive process. By making subtle changes, you can completely change the décor of your house and that too spending bare minimum.

Create a great light effect by simply changing the style and color of lampshades in your house. Opt for lampshades in bright, trendy and catchy colors for this festive season. You may even choose to hang lanterns and put trendy tea light holders in different corners of the house. While you can go for artistically ethnic, opting for a trendy look is also a nice idea.

It is equally important to get your cushion covers, sofa covers, upholstery or curtains changed. However, it does not mean that you need to splurge a lot for this. Shop intelligently and you would find that simple things are able to make your house look extraordinary. Things like cotton curtains, chatai with zari border, trendy slip covers for chairs can easily be incorporated in your interior for this purpose.

Go green by keeping small plants or bunch of flowers in your house. Tall glass vases are ideal to put flowers like roses or any other exotic flower that you can put your hands on in this season. While including certain things are important, it is also essential that you get rid of few things in your house that are just helping to clutter and eat space in your house. You need to free space in your house to breathe and feel fresh.

It is only your imagination, which is stopping you from doing different things to your house. Home makeover is definitely a time consuming affair but it is worth the effort especially during Diwali.


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