No to Crackers, Yes to Life. Festival of Light is for everyone

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Diwali is one of the greatest festivals in India. It is the festival of light. How about celebrating this Diwali by lighting up other people’s house? In India, there are still many places where electricity has not reached yet. You can blame the government or the poor infrastructure for it. Blaming anybody will not solve the problem though. The electricity problem would still be there as always. Generating electricity in the conventional way and in huge quantity is beyond anybody’s capacity and the same applies to you as well. So what can be done? You ought to find alternative ways to generate power in small scale to help people in areas with no current.

It is also true that you cannot bring about this change in the whole country but taking a small step is all that you are expected to do. Start with a small village, which is nearest to your place of residence. Firstly, gain knowledge about the various ways that can be used to generate power and educate the rural people with the same. This would give them the basic idea of what they can do to have electricity in their village.

Electricity generated from solar energy is the most reliable option that anybody can opt for. Help the rural people financially to buy required units to generate electricity. You would also need to help them with co-ordination for bringing the unit to the village from the city. You may find it a little difficult to do all these on your own. Thus, try to involve your family and friends in this project as well. Nobody can deny the fact that humanity is still alive. Hence, your near and dear ones would be more than happy to help you out in this noble deed.

Giving away battery operated or solar powered emergency lights and fans is also a nice idea. You can get them from any local or online store. Moreover, when you buy them in bulk, you can get huge discounts. With the saved money, purchase more such items to help more people in need of power. Though you are doing this for others yet you would be the only one who would get the most satisfaction. It always feels great to help others in whatever way possible.


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