No to Crackers, Yes to Life: Quality Time with Your Family


On the auspicious occasion of one of the important festivals in India, Diwali, you ought to do something different and special that would be cherished forever. You hardly get time to spend with your family during the whole year since you remain extremely busy with your work throughout. It is obvious that you are very much concerned about your family and you are doing all these for them only. However, just being the money making machine is not going to help. You have to balance everything in life and spending quality time with your family is one such important thing.

There cannot be any better occasion than Diwali to compensate for what you cannot do in the entire year. Whether you are doing a job or have your own business to look after, ensure that you do not have anything important during the festive season. You may not cut off entirely from your work before Diwali but you can surely manage to wrap up your work early. However, it does not mean that you would not work properly. You just need to do everything a little faster than any other normal day during this time.

It has been a normal practice for you to give money to your family to spend on shopping for Diwali. Break this norm and do something different this year. Take your family out for shopping yourself. They would be more surprised if you do a little bit of shopping on your own for them. However, for this, you ought to know their choice well. This can be a little tricky but not difficult. This is a nice way to come closer and show that you really care for them.

Take a step ahead and engage yourself to help others with work related to the festival in whatever way possible. Since you get very less time to yourself, thus calling your friends and relatives over to your place or going out to meet them along with your family can also be done. If your boss is a little liberal or you can take few days off from your business, go for a short trip with your family once Diwali is over. It would be a great stress buster and you would be in a better frame of mind to start with your work again.

Celebrating Diwali in this way would amaze your family and seeing your family happy would surely make you look forward to it next year.


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