8000+ Members strong

It is heartening to see people responding to the awareness call Neeranjali created on the web. It’s only been 18 months when Neeranjali group came into existence and not only to our surprise but to our happiness that more and more people are becoming a part of Neeranjali. This only shows how aware of this social cause the online generation is becoming. This rise not only makes Neeranjali a strong organization but also gives the Nature a hope of a better future tomorrow.

To deliver the commitment Neeranjali has made to itself and Mother Nature, having more and more facebook members is just not sufficient. We need to actively engage ourselves in some real time field activities and help our own Water resources being conserved. Conserving all the water on Earth can never be one man’s job and we all need to stand up for it. For this we started building up a database of people who would want to volunteer for Neeranjali.

We are now in process of designating the volunteers some tasks they can carry out in their region becoming a team. We would encourage all the members in the group to fill up the form so as we can connect you with the members close to you. You can click here and fill up the form. Once we have the details and appropriate list of region wise volunteers is created we would put on their details on the website for ease of contact.

Building up a number never helps until they all work together. Let us join hands in real sense and become a team to conserve water and save life on Earth.


Become a Volunteer. Register here.


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