Awareness Campaigns By Neeranjali

In order to make our Dear Earth a better place to live Conserving Water is a big and important aspect which cannot be left out. For this we all need to be aware of various aspects of Water Conservation. Neeranjali has been conducting awareness programs and campaigns in the form of Painting competitions or information sessions in schools and other organizations. Recently an online painting competition and an information session in a school at Himachal Pradesh was conducted.

If you wish to know about it and organize a similar campaign or information session in your organization or area you can let us know by filling this simple form here or by clicking the following link.

If you wish to be a part of Team Neeranjali you can easily do so by filling the volunteer declaration form here.

There is a lot we need to know about how and why Water Conservation is important and how neglected it has been till now. Let us gear up and build a strong team to fight against the evils which are causing the very fundamental element of life getting polluted.

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