Water – The Nectar of Life : Congratulations to the Winners!

Today is World Earth Day.  Do you know what made this earth a living planet? Earth today is the only living planet known and the first forms of life which came up on Earth were in the Water. The search of life on other planets is done by firstly looking for availability of water on that planet which only means that if there is no water there just can’t be life.

Water today is being misused, wasted and polluted at killing rate and it needs to be stopped. This way we are only polluting the very essence of life. We need to be aware and make the upcoming generation also aware of the fact that we have to conserve water in order to keep the Earth living.

This idea is the theme of the contest “Water – The Nectar of Life”. Though the contest was for children and the way these little children have displayed their art, ideas and imagination and how much they know about conservation of water we feel that the upcoming generation will take tremendous steps to save earth from dying away.

With this we are pleased to announce the winning entries. They are Following:

First Prize Winner

Ayushi Kansal (14 Years)

Ayushi Kansal (14yrs)


Second Prize Winner:

Vivitsa Kumar (8 Years)

Vivitsa Kumar (8yrs)


and Finally

Third Prize Winner:

Ananya Jhawer (6 Years)

Ananya Jhawer (6 Yrs)


Congratulations to all Winners. You will receive your prizes soon.


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