5 Shortlisted paintings

With the amount of talent and new ideas these children have shown it was really tough for us to select 5 paintings. Since, we have to reach the best 3 we anyway have to shortlist the ones which are unique and and taking care of the age of the child who has painted it how mature is the idea. And the wait is slowly getting over. We have shortlisted the 5 paintings and they are shown below.

The management is again going through a tough time of selecting 3 out of the shortlisted 5 which will be the winning entries. The winners will be announced in a day. Till then you can enjoy the 5 shortlisted ones of the first round.

Please appreciate the work by putting your comments.

Shortlisted Paintings:

Painting 1

Shortlisted Entry 1


Painting 2


Shortlisted Entry 2

Painting 3


Shortlisted Entry 3


Painting 4

Shortlisted Entry 4


Painting 5

Shortlisted Entry 5


Note: The decision however will be unaffected by the comments or likes and will totally be with the management.


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